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There are tons of hip-hop dance classes on the market today. In fact, hip hop is of the most well-known styles that evolved into an entire popular sub-culture. Random flash mobs on the streets with a group of street dancers belting out moves can give you the impression that this dance form is unstructured and uncoordinated. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Hip-hop is not just a freestyle dance, it is a movement that represents the freedom to learn, grow and evolve. In reality, Hip-Hop is a cover all term for modern street dance that includes complex moves like Breaking, Locking and Popping. Here are few tips to help you improve your hip-hop dancing skills:



Making The Most Of Your Ballet Dance Classes

A perfect blend of grace, elegance and technique, this dance form has evolved into a performing art that is renowned the world over. If you have ever taken Ballet dance classes, you know that Ballet is a highly technical dance form with its own vocabulary based on French terminology. This dance form is categorised into various styles as follows: Classical Ballet, Romantic Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet and Contemporary Ballet.

Making the most of your ballet dance classes


How to prepare for your first belly dancing class

It can be intimidating, exhilarating and nerve-racking to attend your first belly dance class. You may have dreamt of it for months, even years. However, don’t be surprised if you are nervous before your very first belly dancing class. Follow these tips to help you sail smoothly through that first belly dancing session!

How to prepare for your first belly dancing class (more…)

Easy-to-learn Steps For Aspiring Contemporary Dancers

Contemporary dance Borrows elements from classical, moderate and jazz styles of dancing. Today it is the most prominent genre that professional dancers around the world training, particularly in the west. Contemporary dance also borrows elements from different styles of dancing around the world. Below are some of the most basic steps that Anyone can master.

Easy-to-learn Steps For Aspiring Contemporary Dancers


Hip Hop Dance – From the Streets to a Global Dance Form

Hip-hop is truly a global phenomenon. It is a popular street style dancing primarily performed with hip-hop music that has evolved as an indispensable part of hip-hop culture. It is a beautiful amalgam of different locking, breaking and popping created in 1970s. Dynamic genre of this dance style encompasses flexibility, athleticism, creativity, agility and soul. Old dance schools of this particular style were originally started to teach break-dancing, which is itself a truly remarkable and dynamic style of hip-hop.


Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing that holds a unique and explosive quality. It allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement that adds more to their own personality. This dance form successfully managed to captivate a great audience showing no sign to slow down. These days, people are quite interested in joining Hip-Hop Dance Classes to learn this meticulous dance style.

  • Hip Hop – Trending in movies and media

Beat Street and Wild Style were the first two movies themed on hip-hop dance that were released in ‘80s. The release of these movies had a great impact which further increased the popularity of this amazing dance form. The movie franchise Step-Up that includes the story of a privileged modern dancer turned hip-hop dancer has been very well received by the audience.

  • Evolving newer style – Lyrical, Hip-Hop

One of the newer styles that has emerged onto the dance style is lyrical dance. It is fluid and an interpretive version of the conventional style that is in scene since the 1970s. In this, dancers represent a story through their dance moves and try to include some acting skills into their dance routine.

  • Breathtaking dance moves

Hip hop dance steps are a beautiful combination of locking, popping and break dance. The steps of this dance form require experience and skills to be perfect. The dancers who learn this dance form practice a lot in order to master basic movements and steps that appear simple when performed. Professional dancers usually have a good sense of rhythm that helps them in learning the steps easily and effortlessly.

  • Way to a Global Platform

This outstanding dance form emerged from the streets and has turned to a planned and widely practiced choreographed form of dancing, truly changing the fate of the dancing community. This dance style has now become the unrivaled king of the dance community.

The internet has played a pivotal role in taking hip-hop to a global audience, allowing the culture to express its uniqueness in an incredible way. There are so many groups of hip-hop minded dancers on social networks that help people connect with this dance form and appreciate it. Hip-hop is now a billion dollar industry which is appreciated by the people globally.

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Tips for Belly Dance Beginners

Belly dancing is undoubtedly one of the most popular dance forms that is admired by the dance community worldwide. With the evolution in this mesmerizing dance form, it has now become an outlet for creative, artistic expression that is often performed in some of the most beautiful costumes and an adoring audience. It is not wrong to say that Belly dancing is a great way of finding one’s inner beauty, power and femininity. Additionally, it serves as a new and creative way of doing workout, increase flexibility, improve fitness as well as balance.

As this dance style comes up with many positive aspects, a lot of people, especially women are attracted to belly dancing. Here are the top 5 tips that are helpful in making Belly dance learning fun and more exciting.

  • Regular practice

This is an obvious recommendation for the newcomers who are learning belly dancing or want to master this beautiful dance form. It is not enough to just practice when one attends the Belly Dance Classes. It is important that one should take out some time from their busy schedule to practice in order to get the mastery. Ideally, one should take out at least an hour/day for practicing.

  • Wear appropriate clothes

Comfort is an important factor. People usually feel comfortable when they wear what makes them feel relaxed and good. Unlike other dance forms, belly dance needs performers to wear appropriate raiment, that allows freedom of movement around the lower body especially the hips and pelvic region. One should wear something that offers a complete range of motion on hips, belly and legs.

A broomstick skirt is often considered as ideal attire for belly dancing, with the top edge preferably pulled slightly down towards the hip instead of the waist. This helps in bringing the focus to hip movements and to execute the moves properly.

  • Warm Up and Cool Down

Belly dancing is not intensive like many other dance styles, but it is really crucial to perform warm up and cool down before and after each dance session. Warming up helps in getting your body in the mood for dancing. Similarly, cooling down is to ease your body back to the state of activity and avoid injuries particularly in the lower back. Gentle stretching is also enough to cool you down.

  • Relax your lips

Lip movements add more to the sensuality of belly dancing. Remember to avoid clenching mouth and jaw. Professional dancers and instructors of Belly Dance Classes often recommend their students to keep their tongue connected to the roof of mouth. This keeps the energy flowing up and down.

  • Soak yourself in Arabic music

Selection of music is very important to understand the origin and the content of the dance form. Most of the Belly Dance Classes have a gigantic library of Arabic music which is just perfect for performing this expressive dance form. Therefore, it’s really important for novice to soak themselves in tantalizing Arabic music.

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Why should kids join Belly Dance Classes?


Belly Dancing is one such dance form that has been gaining popularity all over the world and has become the most preferred dance form among individuals nowadays. Everything is simply beautiful about belly dancing- the dance movements, music or costumes, this dance form is definitely worth learning. Belly dancing is not just a dance form but it can actually help you to keep your body, mind and soul healthy. Yes, it can benefit your body in tremendous ways and can make you healthy in the most effective way possible.

With the increasing rate of childhood obesity in the world, it has now become even more important to enroll your child in a positive activity like belly dancing. Belly dance can help your child lose weight, stay in shape, maintain the right posture, and to build a good self-esteem. Children usually love dancing as it is the most fun and interesting activity they can indulge in and when it comes to learning dance form, Belly dancing always comes on the top. But there are many other factors that all parents should consider to enroll their child in Belly Dance classes.

Here are some reasons why you must enroll your kid in Belly Dance Classes:

  • Great form of exercise

Exercise is really important for kids to stay healthy, fit and active and belly dancing is definitely the best form of exercise as it involves whole body movement. It also helps the body to become flexible and in shape in a safe and effective manner. Nowadays, as children spend more time in watching T.V and playing video games, enrolling your kid in Belly Dancing is the best way to make them physically active and fit.

  • Maintains mental well-being

Apart from the physical health, it is really essential to pay equal attention to the mental health as well. As this dance form involves variations and movements of the whole body, your blood circulation increases, which in turn improves the functioning of your brain. Another amazing benefit of doing belly dancing is that it teaches kids to appreciate themselves and their bodies. It makes them feel good about themselves that helps them to stay happy.

  • Helps in Physical Improvement

To teach your child maintain the right body posture and health from the beginning is really important. Belly dancing does not only help kids improve the body posture but also help them to maintain stamina, confidence and self-esteem. It also makes them feel confident and improve their overall appearance.

  • Creates Social awareness

Joining a dance class opens another door of opportunity for your child to meet new kids and to make new friends. It teaches them teamwork and helps them to learn coordination and cooperation. They become social which helps them to stay exuberant and enthusiastic.

So if you have not enrolled your kid in Belly Dance Classes yet, enroll them now at Dancer’s Gallery so that they learn a new dance form and live a healthier and happier life. You will surely see a huge difference in your child’s personality soon. To know more about our studio, check our website or call us on 954-437-9910 today.