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There are tons of hip-hop dance classes on the market today. In fact, hip hop is of the most well-known styles that evolved into an entire popular sub-culture. Random flash mobs on the streets with a group of street dancers belting out moves can give you the impression that this dance form is unstructured and uncoordinated. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Hip-hop is not just a freestyle dance, it is a movement that represents the freedom to learn, grow and evolve. In reality, Hip-Hop is a cover all term for modern street dance that includes complex moves like Breaking, Locking and Popping. Here are few tips to help you improve your hip-hop dancing skills:



Hip Hop Dance – From the Streets to a Global Dance Form

Hip-hop is truly a global phenomenon. It is a popular street style dancing primarily performed with hip-hop music that has evolved as an indispensable part of hip-hop culture. It is a beautiful amalgam of different locking, breaking and popping created in 1970s. Dynamic genre of this dance style encompasses flexibility, athleticism, creativity, agility and soul. Old dance schools of this particular style were originally started to teach break-dancing, which is itself a truly remarkable and dynamic style of hip-hop.


Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing that holds a unique and explosive quality. It allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement that adds more to their own personality. This dance form successfully managed to captivate a great audience showing no sign to slow down. These days, people are quite interested in joining Hip-Hop Dance Classes to learn this meticulous dance style.

  • Hip Hop – Trending in movies and media

Beat Street and Wild Style were the first two movies themed on hip-hop dance that were released in ‘80s. The release of these movies had a great impact which further increased the popularity of this amazing dance form. The movie franchise Step-Up that includes the story of a privileged modern dancer turned hip-hop dancer has been very well received by the audience.

  • Evolving newer style – Lyrical, Hip-Hop

One of the newer styles that has emerged onto the dance style is lyrical dance. It is fluid and an interpretive version of the conventional style that is in scene since the 1970s. In this, dancers represent a story through their dance moves and try to include some acting skills into their dance routine.

  • Breathtaking dance moves

Hip hop dance steps are a beautiful combination of locking, popping and break dance. The steps of this dance form require experience and skills to be perfect. The dancers who learn this dance form practice a lot in order to master basic movements and steps that appear simple when performed. Professional dancers usually have a good sense of rhythm that helps them in learning the steps easily and effortlessly.

  • Way to a Global Platform

This outstanding dance form emerged from the streets and has turned to a planned and widely practiced choreographed form of dancing, truly changing the fate of the dancing community. This dance style has now become the unrivaled king of the dance community.

The internet has played a pivotal role in taking hip-hop to a global audience, allowing the culture to express its uniqueness in an incredible way. There are so many groups of hip-hop minded dancers on social networks that help people connect with this dance form and appreciate it. Hip-hop is now a billion dollar industry which is appreciated by the people globally.

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