Physical and Psychological benefits of After Care Programs for children

Learning in school and from books just isn’t enough in today’s highly competitive society. At Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City we offer an outstanding after care program for dancers of all ages that adds to the creation of well rounded, adjusted children. Whether your child is interested in ballet, hip hop, jazz or acrobatic arts the program is designed to help strengthen an existing ballet or hip hop skill, teach new ballet or hip hop skills and increase your child’s self-esteem. The after care program encourages children to meet other young ballet or hip hop dancers and share their experiences resulting in increased socialization skills. The after care program at Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City also gives young ballet and hip hop dancers the opportunity to interact with other adults giving children the benefit of positive relationship building.

The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the after care dance program also gives parents the peace of mind knowing that young ballet and hip hop dancers are reinforcing their academic skills through the homework help they receive at Dancer’s Gallery. Before dancers begin their ballet and hip hop classes they are given designated homework time where the dedicated staff is available to answer questions and offer guidance. A report by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S Department of Justice shows that students in after care programs have fewer behavioral problems, more self-confidence and can handle conflicts better than students who are not involved in after care programs.

Giving your child the experience of being enrolled in a dance related after care program has tremendous benefits. Young ballet and hip hop dancers can increase their communication skills, build brain power, develop social skills, maintain a healthy body and nurture their creativity while attending after care at Dance studio in cooper city. Why not give your young dancer the competitive edge – enroll them now!


Dance Season 2015-2016 is Explosive!

The official dance season has begun at Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City and students are getting situated in their appropriate classes.  The after-care program has exploded with close to 50 students and they are starting to get used to their new after school routine which includes such classes as ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, belly dancing, acro, aerial silks, musical theater and more.

Our recreational students are also enjoying their classes and were given the opportunity to try new things with the unlimited class promotion throughout the last week in August.  Many students found new interests in areas of dance they had never tried before and are excited to continue.  Dance can often be a stress relief from student’s daily academic schedule and it is amazing to see them let loose and express themselves through their movements.

Students are finding themselves getting back in shape physically after a long summer camp in davie break relaxing.  Dance, for many, is the most enjoyable way to stay fit both mentally and physically and research suggests that dance can help students improve in their academics as well.

Classes are currently focused in technique and within the next couple of months will start incorporating choreography in each lesson.  Learning choreography requires focus and memorization, both being important skills to learn and apply in many areas of life.

The Annual Winter Showcase on December 12th will give students an opportunity to share what they have learned and how far they have come from this point.  For more information on the various programs offered at Dancer’s Gallery call 954-437-9910 or you can stop by for a tour.  Dancer’s Gallery is located at 12323 S.W. 55th Street, Unit 1010, Cooper City, Florida 33330.  You can also find a detailed class schedule at and email any questions to

Not Your School’s After-Care

After school care has been a necessity for many families for decades, but the options have very much evolved from a babysitting like service found at most schools. After care hours have become an essential part of a child’s day in which they can explore extracurricular interests that schools provide less and less. Activities such as the performing arts would make those after school hours a lot more beneficial in the development of a child’s education. Studies have repeatedly shown that children who are involved in after school activities such as sports, the arts or other, are a lot more likely to be successful in academics.

Dancer’s Gallery provides the ultimate in after school care. Free transportation picks up the student from their school and drops them off with an after care leader at the 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. Students will have a snack and then begin their homework with helpers standing by to answer any questions. After that, students will change into their dance uniform to take the first of two daily classes. Throughout the week, students will have the opportunity to take ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, belly dance, acro, aerial silks, acting and more.

This is truly an all around performing arts experience allowing the students to find their passion in the arts. Dancer’s Gallery provides extended after-care hours until 7:00 p.m. for convenience. After-care leaders give each parent an update on the day’s events and homework progress upon pick up. Students in the after-care program at Dancer’s Gallery will have the opportunity to perform in the Winter Showcase in December as well as the annual recital in June. Parents are often amazed to see their child in these performances showing the progress they have made.

Dancer’s Gallery is actively enrolling for the 2015-2016 after-care program that begins on Monday, August 24, 2015 and runs through June 9, 2016 alongside the Broward County School Calendar. Space is limited and will fill up quickly. It is highly recommended to sign up early for this sought after performing arts After School Care in Davie.

For more information or to register, visit or call 954-437-9910 and someone will be glad to answer all questions about after-care, summer camp, classes and more.

What’s Happening at the Studio?

Dance Studio in Cooper City

We are officially halfway through the summer already and the studio is buzzing with camp, intensive, classes and lots of planning for the new season. Fall classes will begin on Monday, August 24th at Dancer’s Gallery in Cooper City. The schedule is being created and will be available by Wednesday, June 15th; the same day that after-care registration begins. Registration for classes will open on Monday, June 20th! There is a lot of excitement for the new season and space will fill up quickly so it is important to register in advance to the start of classes.

Summer Camp in Davie

The Performing Arts Summer Camp presented their session 1 show on Friday, July 10th in the CAST Performing Arts Center located at Dance Studio in Cooper City. It was a truly spectacular show. Campers performed tap, contemporary, belly dance, hip hop, and jazz dances along with acting skits and musical theatre. The audience was impressed with how far they had come in 5 short weeks. Session 2 is now underway and we are looking forward to the show on August 14th.

Dancer’s Gallery has an incredible award winning competition team and performance company that will amaze the local community in Cooper City and Davie as well as the dance community as a whole. The Cast by DG has been working hard in the Summer Intensive and will be learning exciting new choreography even before the new season begins. This is a dedicated group of dancers ages 7-18 who inspire dancers of all ages to follow their dreams.

Summer Camp in Cooper City

Dancer’s Gallery has so much to offer with an incredible line up of classes in dance, circus arts, piano, voice, acting and more! To find out more about Summer Camp in Davie and to receive a copy of the upcoming schedule or to register, please call Dancer’s Gallery at 954-437-9910 or visit the website Dancer’s Gallery and the CAST Performing Arts Center is located at 12323 SW 55th Street Unit 1010 Cooper City, Fl 33330.

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Dancer

Hard work and dedication are extremely important on the road to becoming a successful dancer, but there are a few secret ingredients that will also help.  Most dancers know that their technique must be perfected with intense training through out their young life, but there are other areas that must also be developed so that a dancer can stand out from the rest.  Often times, these little enhancers can mean the difference in booking a job or being passed up for someone else.  Technique alone will not be enough to succeed.  Dancers must be the full package and with that comes more than just dance.

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Dancer

Stage Presence is one of the most important tools in a dancer’s kit and yet, one of the biggest secrets to success in becoming a working dancer.  To develop good stage presence, it is important for dancers to take classes in such areas as musical theatre, drama, acting, etc.  Dancers, after all, are also required to be actors on stage.  Choreography is meant to evoke a particular feeling in the audience whether it is sad and emotional or energetic and happy.  Many dancers will concentrate so much on their dance technique, that they neglect working on their stage presence technique and will then have trouble finding work.  Often times, a dancer with better stage presence than technique will be chosen over the dancer with better technique than stage presence.

One of the hardest things for a dancer to do, is to get lost in the characters that they are portraying so it is of great importance that these skills are developed just as much as technique so that the ultimate goal of becoming a professional dancer can be achieved. The term “triple threat” is used a lot in the performing arts world and it definitely brings an advantage to becoming a working performer.  Even if a dancer prefers a career strictly in dance, it is helpful to be able to sing and act also in order to be successful.  It is not enough just to go out on dance auditions as the competition is fierce and if a dancer wants to be able to build a career in performing, they must broaden their resume.  Taking voice classes will also help boost confidence on stage and that confidence can be an advantage when trying to master an audition.

Audition technique is also very important.  Being professional and not letting nerves take over the audition can be a difficult skill to develop.  It is important to take classes from instructors that have been professional performers at some point so that they can share their audition experiences.  Dancers must be proactive in getting as much information from their instructors and choreographers as possible.  The hunger and desire to learn and seek out information is necessary in becoming a successful dancer and will help in being set apart from the pack.  Audition technique classes may be found by themselves or in a combination with stage presence or acting classes.

Meditation can be a beneficial secret tool in becoming a great dancer.  Maybe not in the traditional sense, but it is important for dancers to have an opportunity each day to take a step inside themselves to let go of any fears and uncertainties holding them back.  It helps them get in touch with themselves and find ways to bring out certain emotions that can then be brought to the stage.  Taking yoga a few times a week and concluding the class with some meditation exercises can really help in developing stage presence by getting in touch with the character in the choreography along with helping in flexibility and posture.  Seeking out classes in areas outside of just dance can bring a lot more dimension to a thriving performer.

The final secret to becoming a successful dancer is to take as many classes as possible with a variety of instructors and professionals.  Dance styles can vary so much and it is a great advantage to be able to train with different instructors in a variety of styles.

Training should not be just during school months, but should be maintained throughout the summer.  The summer is the best time to get a lot of training as it can be done on a full time basis without competing for time with school responsibilities.  Dancers that dream of becoming professional performers, may want to consider an alternative education that can offer a flexible academic schedule allowing them more time to work on their craft and even gain opportunities that other dancers in a traditional school setting do not have.  This type of dedication and sacrifice can make a world of difference on the path to becoming a successful dancer.

Dancer’s Gallery is a Dance Studio in Cooper City that is proud to offer everything a dancer needs to become a professional. The annual summer intensive program is the perfect addition to the summer line-up for those serious about a career in dance.  CAST: Career in the Arts School of Talent is also available to students in grades 5-12 and is located in Cooper City which is in the heart of Broward County and between Miami and Palm Beach.  CAST offers a full time and complete performing arts training utilizing a virtual school program for academics.  This schedule allows a tremendous amount of flexibility so that students can take advantage of opportunities by professional dancers in a professional state-of-the-art environment.  It is a program like no other and is sure to help dancers begin a professional career in performing arts.  For more information call Dancer’s Gallery at 954-437-9910 and visit: or stop by: 12323 SW 55th St. Unit 1010, Cooper City, Florida 33330.